Where It's Used

There are literally thousands of different ANPR applications, from simple monitoring hardware to full contravention prosecution systems. It is important to understand all options available and to get proper consultation when specifying a professional ANPR system.

where ANPR is used: Add to CCTV systems, Toll booths and access control entry systems, Gated communities, Motorway applications, Car parks, Traffic monitoring, Speed cameras, Anti-terrorism, Anti-congestion schemes, Airports

Example Installation Sites

  • Airports
  • Apartment blocks
  • Banks
  • Car dealerships
  • Car hire and rental
  • Car manufacturing
  • Car parks - various
  • Caravan parks
  • Colleges
  • Courts
  • Factory gates and industrial parks
  • Fleet vehicle compounds
  • Golf clubs
  • Hospital access
  • Hotels
  • Local authorities
  • MOD
  • Petrol stations
  • Police - various
  • Prisons
  • Railways
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Transport logistics
  • Residents parking
  • Supermarkets
  • Town centre CCTV (vehicle checks against police database)
  • Weighbridge auditing
ANPR camera on entrance barrier

An ANPR camera mounted on an entrance barrier