How It's Used

ANPR systems have many application in various industry sectors.

Vehicle Monitoring and management

By using an ANPR system it is possible to:

  • Identify vehicles entering a site 24/7 even in severe weather conditions
  • Develop detailed driver and vehicle profiles to enhance security checks
  • Store information and records of all car park/site visits
  • Address parking overstay
  • Automate distribution delivery and collection
  • Create revenue

Staff and visitor management

An ANPR system will:

  • Record entry and exit times
  • Provide information about journey times, vehicles and drivers between sites
  • Verify deliveries are made on time
  • Monitor behaviour whilst in the parking area to ensure adherence to site policies
  • Reduce staffing costs

Access control

ANPR & unauthorised vehicles:

  • Prevents entry to a site via barrier or gate activation
  • Activates warning lights, verbal or screen messages
  • Traces owners of unauthorised vehicles

ANPR & authorised vehicles:

  • Allows entry to a site
  • Activates appropriate messages to vehicle drivers
  • Verifies a vehicle is arriving at a prescribed time

Remote viewing and monitoring

ANPR allows for remote viewing of a site:

  • It is possible to transmit images off site to a remote control/viewing centre
  • SMS messages can also be relayed from the site providing remote, real time monitoring
  • Multiple sites can be monitored simultaneously


ANPR will provide detailed information of site visits. These records can be used to:

  • Conduct traffic and parking flow surveys
  • Inform customers of car park usage patterns which in turn lead to improved site management
  • Provide thorough documentation for site development decision making.