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ANPR is an abbreviation for Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

It is a system capable of recognising number plates from closed circuit television (CCTV) images for various different uses.

A sophisticated software optical character recognition (OCR) engine and algorithm converts camera images, via specialist video capture, into identifiable data. This allows the capture of critical information such as the registration of every vehicle entering a site. This information can be passed to the police to assist in the pursuit and identification of contraventions.

Visual proof of parking contraventions with the corresponding time and date information can be provided as evidence and to avoid disputes. Because of our Approved Operator Status, we are able to request information from the DVLA and it is then possible to identify the registered keeper of a vehicle and process the contravention automatically.

All data gathered by an ANPR system can be stored in a database for future analysis and reporting.

This technology has many important uses in today's society - these ANPR applications can include:

  • Car park management
  • Parking overstay management
  • Automated warnings of unwanted or unauthorised vehicles
  • Automated distribution delivery / collection
  • Conducting traffic and parking flow surveys
  • Site access control
  • Enhancing site security
  • Reducing staffing costs
  • Creating revenue
  • Traffic surveys