Site Access & Security

Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems will identify vehicles that enter a site 24/7. They are capable of recognising number plate designs, even at difficult angles and in severe environmental conditions.

Our systems have a wide range of possibilities, which will help to improve the security of a site. They allow a more intelligent way of controlling a site and provide valuable management information and additional benefits to your business over and above regular parking control. These include:

  • Car park management
  • Parking overstay management
  • Automated warnings to unwanted or unauthorised vehicles
  • Automated distribution delivery and collection
  • Conducting traffic and parking flow surveys
  • Site access control
  • Enhancing site security
  • Reducing staffing costs
  • Creating revenue

These functions make a site more secure and easier to monitor. They are valuable tools for site and staff management and can be accessed, viewed and monitored remotely using our secure systems.

On Call Support

We operate a 24hr maintenance request telephone line and we would normally maintain a next day service for calls received after 5pm. Critical issues would be diagnosed remotely if possible as well as being handled by an attending engineer where required.

We allocate a dedicated project manager at all stages of the implementation with day to day support provided by your own account manager.

A supervisor at our call centre deals with any day to day liaison necessary regarding enforcement, we also propose regular review meetings attended by an Athena director.

We already had a security team in place on the estate so Athena provided a system that sends SMS messages if unauthorised vehicles enter - they can now tackle vehicles as they some on site!