Contravention Enforcement

Driver identification and contravention processing

Athena ANPR supports all of its car park management options with a complete collections and enforcement service. Because of our Approved Operator Status, we are able to request information from the DVLA, this allows us to establish the details of the keeper registered to a vehicle for use in subsequent action.

Parking charge notice issue

Athena ANPR issues Parking Charge Notices containing all charge information including time, date and location of the contravention. For ANPR systems photographic evidence is always included.

Contravention Enforcement

Payments are requested within agreed time periods and include prompt payment reductions, full payment and enforcement cut offs. To maximise charge collections success, Athena ANPR offers a range of payment methods including via post, website, automated telephone via keypad and by telephone to our dedicated contact centre.

Enforcement process

The enforcement process is fully audited and automated, with our team of agents overseeing the process and dealing with any queries and disputes, as well as providing a personal touch. The level of charges and periods of notice between demands can be adjusted to suit individual site and customer requirements.

Administration and customer service

At Athena ANPR we handle all complaints and administration, taking potential confrontation or disputes away from clients and site owners. All correspondence and verbal communication can be handled by Athena ANPR.

We worried we'd never have the time to follow up our parking problems. Athena handle everything from detection to charge collection and we can run our business!