Car Park Management

ANPR systems

We install the latest PC based CCTV / ANPR systems that recognise number plates from CCTV images. These are automatically stored in our databases with the corresponding time, date and location information.

We then process contraventions and manage them for our clients using our dedicated collections network and our photographic evidence.

We offer our clients sophisticated management tools allowing them to look after their assets online. These tools include overstayer lookups, repeat contraventions flags, photographic evidence, volume reporting and white list management. All managed through a web browser in a secure system.

Self Ticketing

Clients can issue a Parking Charge Notice to a contraventing vehicle themselves. We provide the entire system from signage and pre-printed tickets through to warning notices.

The system is simple to use and requires little training, and clients do not need to worry about compliancy to legal requirements as we look after all that too.

DDA Compliance and Best Practice

We can implement disabled only parking areas that require no manned attendance - this is done by registering disabled users, who wish to use an enclosed preferential parking area, in our databases. Once their number plate is read by the system a barrier is lifted for them to access the disabled area. This system is currently in use with Asda amongst others.

We can also issue any attendants (including your own staff) with manual tickets so they can patrol disabled bays and ticket anyone without a blue badge.


We provide a full suite of car park management reports. We can also create bespoke reports tailored to meet your specific requirements. A full audit of parking transactions is available.

As a busy solicitors firm we have had problems with shoppers parking in our client carpark. Being able to instantly add authorised vehicles to our system online has been a real breakthrough.