Ethical Trading Statement

Health and safety

The welfare of our employees is very important to Athena and we provide a safe, secure, healthy and hygienic working environment.

Recruitment and opportunities for development

Our reputation stems directly from the quality of our people. We are totally committed to developing, motivating and retaining high-calibre staff that recognise that Athena is a good company to work for.

There is no discrimination in the hiring of staff and Athena provides opportunities for its employees regardless of their gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion or national origin.

Athena employees receive regular training and are given opportunities for personal and career development. They are actively encouraged to apply for promotions within the company and are selected on their skills and abilities to perform the job.


Athena's salaries are comparable to those offered by similar companies and we operate within or above government guidelines.

Hours of work

Hours of work are in line with the Working Time Regulations and overtime is voluntary and paid at a premium rate. Employees may have access to flexible working to ensure their work/life balance is achieved.

Human Rights

The company does not tolerate the physical or verbal abuse or harassment of its employees and will take action where appropriate.

Supplier Relationships

No bribery, corruption, or blackmail will be allowed. We honour our contracts and our payment terms and therefore choose all of our suppliers based on their quality, competitiveness and their desire to fulfil their agreements with us.